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A handful of problems

Alexander Rick

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I have a few problems with my Forum setup. I am not a programmer so I would be very thankfull if you can give me an easy step by step in introduction. I uploaded some screenshots for a better insight.

  1. I wanna remove the "start new topic button and the space behind it".
  2. Change the colour of the forum category fields.
  3. Add a bar with "FORUMS" above my categories (forums).
  4. Remove the header and integrate my header and footer from my wordpress site + remove search button
  5. Add a self created call to action bar

Then I would like to know what it has to do with forum login on wordpress. Can not I just link the registration? 

562104232_buttoncommunity.thumb.JPG.7958d53f50f97ac755be4484aecdf3a3.JPGHope you can help me.

Best Regards



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