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Tournaments ( Support Topic )


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On 4/9/2021 at 2:04 PM, GazzaGarratt said:


Yes, absolutely widgets because it would be great to share these as part of Pages you can create and also potentially homepages as it would catch the eye of people as the tables are quite cool to look at imo. A quick view of the table in a widget and potentially things like latest games played perhaps? When people check up on things like this in IRL, they would check latest results, latest table standings, maybe even a team to highlight with their latest results perhaps? This makes the community person/people feel valued that their team has some highlighted content too.

We've got a league running right now for fun in our community so I can offer some feedback that i've had to work around and has caused potential hiccups along the way?

Initial feedback so far that we could all do with to make this application even more usable:

  • Mobile View - If the team name is bigger than 4 or 5 letters it crosses over the Games Played column in a portrait mode. More people check via phones for a quick glance through the day so may need slight tweaking to make it fit
  • Amending results - this is HUGE. I'm taking extreme care to make sure the results are right because if I type in one result incorrectly and choose the wrong outcome there doesn't seem to be a way of changing that result at all. Could mean all of the work created weeks before is wrecked by one slight slip when clicking an option
  • Number of teams in a league (round robin) - its weird enough I have to use the american terms for these formats 😄 as in Europe (and most other places) this is when everyone plays each other. We had 13 people willing to join in this time round, which meant I had to create N/A teams in 3 spots. I also created 'Test Members' for each one as you can't be in more than 2 teams in a tournament (concept sounds right but it doesn't help if you're setting it up and adding teams in to the league/knockout system to get it going). It should allow me to create a League format with 13 teams or whatever the number is - alternatively at least start the tournament when I have had enough entrants at any given moment could be a good shout.
  • Each team in this league is just one person - so creating tournaments that could just be the member themselves would've been ideal. Feedback previously from others suggests they would want this too. So we could do with the fields such as picture, team name, etc as Optional or one large option to say is this a team or an individual?

That's it so far but if you wanted to see it live and how its looking let me know @Adriano Faria and I can drop you a link.

Outside of these types of tournaments, the only other one we're running but manually is a league format like what Formula 1 do where theres one race per week and you need to capture places and dedicate set points to places. Again all in one type of league. I actually think the logic in this is easier than the above as you aren't working out fixtures but just adding points totals up. Let me know if you want further updates on this too as this could be a superb tool to create and view on this type of software.


On 6/28/2022 at 3:18 PM, GazzaGarratt said:

Hi @Adriano Faria, found a number of couple of bugs I believe that would be great to fix if possible? Also some things I can't get around which links to previous comments a while back:

1. Reaction Notification - seems to have code string on any reaction pop up.

Could contain: Text, Business Card, Paper

2. Team invites notification - when someone accepts your invite, the reaction asks you to be join when you already in it? Seems like there is not the correct message being triggered as the right action occurs on looking at the team.

Could contain: Text, Number, Symbol

3. Create a Team must have a picture and a description - this would help if they were optional as many people don't have a description to add or a picture.

Could contain: Text


4. Adding Teams / Participating already in Tournaments - I've tried my best to be clever and get round the fact you have to be in a 'Team' to particpate rather than just participate as a member. I can create multiple teams myself in the name of people and invite them....however because I'm already in it, I can only Add one team that that i'm a part of. It would be far easier if I could enter all the teams sometimes on behalf of people as its quite convoluted in how to create a team and then join (thats not your coding, just how it was initially designed)

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I have more feedback like previous comments that if you want to catch up and go through it, I can. Also, your achievements via the other applications are brilliant additions so far.

Thanks in advance! 😄

Hey @Adriano Faria, hope you're keeping well?

I wanted to come full circle back on this one to see if there was time in the future for some of these enhancements at all? Happy to discuss PM wise if needed on more specifics to if there was a priority order. The second post i tagged of mine is more bugs than enhancements but I thought i'd ask in one post rather than multiple ones.

We've started to use this a little more frequently of late and can see more being scheduled which is good news to what it offers so far.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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2 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

No plan to add new stuff to this now. Sorry.

I’ll probably do when IPS5 is out.

Thanks for the update Adriano, very much appreciate the honesty 🙂

I can't deny I'm gutted but it isn't the only thing here that looks like it will take a while for enhancements. Hopefully speak nearer the time its up for some updates 👍

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