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Is This A Joke? - Pricing/Stock Per Custom Fields


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First, please let me stress- I am software developer myself so I am well aware of the business and how things are done, so please excuse my forwardness. But I am genuinely curious about this, and am extremely hoping that there is either

  • some other way to do this or
  • this is either planned on being improved or
  • is being worked on as we speak.

For the first time, I have finally had a need to use the Different Pricing & Stock Levels Depending on Custom Fields feature for a product within the Commerce application. Aside from several apparent bugs involving failure-to-save the values (which I will not go into right now due to the possibility of them being a server mis-configuration somewhere on my end which I have not yet ruled out), is there seriously no other way to perform this task aside from individually going through every single possible choice combination from the custom fields?

I have 6 custom fields, and it appears that the software— in the infinite wisdom of whoever was responsible for the design/implementation of this portion— IMHO, decided on the absolute worst method for fetching this data, requiring the user to manually enter the supply and price for each combination of all custom fields and their values.

The result:


  • Product has 6 custom fields.
  • IPS is prompting for 40,001 entries (yes, forty-thousand and one entries) and on a single page.

which prompts the question....is this a joke?

Even if I were to physically type each entry, the ACP would time the session out before I could finish and I would lose all my work.

The page is so long (see the scroll-bar size) that the 64-bit browser on my modern computer [with a quad-core Intel i7-6700 64-bit processor and 16GB of memory] hangs for almost 10 seconds while the page is partially generated.

All this doesn't even consider the visual appearance this poor design choice makes: the page was too wide to fit the screen requiring me to zoom-out to 67% just to see everything. And this is on a standard screen resolution of 1920x1080.

Please understand that I am overall very satisfied with IPS— this issue aside. I have used it myself a few years or so, and over the years have had little to no complaints that were even remotely worth being concerned about. I have looked through plenty of IPS's code and am impressed with its overall cleanliness and good organization. Truthfully, something this glaring does not even sound like something that would be part of IPS.

I seriously hope there is some other way to do this, or at the very least, has plans to be re-worked in the near future.

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The system you see CAN make sense – if you have fewer fields and certain combinations of options have specific prices, which cannot be retrieved from making simple calculations based on the individual options itself. But yeah, the system breaks down easily in cases like yours and would at least need a option to do calculations differently (i.e. without the manual price matrix). 

And there are more problems with the custom fields:


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That is true— I did overlook situations like that, so you have a good point.

And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sees those flaws that you mentioned... I experienced those issues too and wasn't sure if it was ill-intention, a bug or user-error on my end.

Hope these things can get resolved soon, like in the next major update that they have planned or so... I'd much rather have things such as these addressed before adding new features such as fancy emojis and whatever other nonsense "trending" social stuff.

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