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Anti Spam System Ineffective (seemingly)


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Spammers sure are a tricky bunch these days, they are using what appears like normal emails etc, and they are using what appears to be normal user names too. We are getting a lot of spam registrations, and I have the IPS anti spam service activated and my settings are pretty strict, only action to take for 1/4 is activated as "allow member to register as normal", then 2/4 "flag the account for manual review" then 3/4 and 4/4, "do not allow user to register at all".

I also have reCAPTCHA V2 set up.

With that, IPS is returning a score of 1 for almost every single new registration, and we have to research the users manually to find out if they are spammers or not. And on average half are spam registrations. Going through my Spam Defense Logs, I saw one time IPS flagged a 4 back in July, and before that all have been 1's, and after all have been 1's.

We have to see where the IP resides, if they are in Asia, or Saudi, or other locations like that, we pretty much flag and ban, through our own experience those IP's just don't make sense they would be joining our organization for any reason other than spamming. We also copy past emails into "Stop Forum Spam" search engine to review each member, all in all we are spending some time on this, and I was just wondering if we are doing something wrong that IPS Spam Service isn't catching these guys?

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Woops, I think I posted this in the wrong category forum, can admin please move to appropriate forum?

Please delete this topic, thanks!

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