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Request: Replies in Forum Daily/Weekly Notification Emails

John T Davis

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Right now when a user follows a forum and asks for a daily or weekly email with all new content from that day/week, the generated email contains the full text of the first new unread message in a forum thread, and an indicator of how many replies have been posted.

The one feature my users have been repeatedly requesting since we moved over from Yahoo Groups is email digests with full text of every new message in the followed forum(s), arranged by thread, ideally with a list of topics at the top organized by forum, hot-linked to jump down to the full text of the post in the email.

This is how the decades-old Mailman mailing list software works, as well as the Yahoo Groups email digest system for groups (though the Mailman system is usually plain text without hyperlinks).

Higher Logic's Connected Community software is an example of a modern forum platform that provides this functionality--or at least, that someone wrote a plugin for that does it.

@Rikki, is something like this on the product roadmap for the 4.x branch? One of the reasons we chose Invision when we migrated from Yahoo Groups was the availability of email digests, but it was not clear until we actually got things set up that full-text replies were not included in the generated emails.

That was a bit long-winded. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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I've implicitly asked for this in my Reply to Post Notifications feature request, where I take this one step further by allowing recipients of notification emails to reply and the contents of the reply will go to a configured forum.  www.clubexpress.com supports this, and while its software is inferior I am losing membership and activity to communities being built over there.


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