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Request: Auto-Refresh & Mark Read "Unread Content" Page

John T Davis

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I have a couple of requests related to the Unread Content page.

Item 1. Would it be possible to have the Unread Content page auto-refresh itself when new activity occurs? Right now, I get a notification added to the bell, but if I'm on the Unread Content page when something new happens, it doesn't show up until the page is refreshed.

Perhaps there is some modern web API to push updates to the page dynamically without reloading the whole thing?

Item 2. I would also like to be able to select certain items from the list of unread content and mark them as read, without marking everything as read. Often there are updates I don't care about seeing the details of mixed in with ones I want to come back to later. I'd like to be able selectively mark items as read and hang on to the unread items I want to read later.


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