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Improved segmentation for bulk emails


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I would like to see more filters available when sending bulk emails to members.

Specifically, I would like the ability to filter by custom profile fields. I have a profile field for country, and another for interests. Both of those are incredibly useful for segmentation.

There could be workarounds... for example you can filter by secondary group. If I could search by profile field and bulk add found members to a secondary group, I could then bulk email them. However, there is no bulk add to secondary group option... only a bulk move option, which changes their primary group.

In the end, I export my list and use MailChimp. But i'd rather do it in house, and the functionality is all there... just need to add those profile fields to the bulk email filters options.

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Same. We'd love to be able to send an email to customers who bought <x> product, and where a particular custom field or fields for that purchase matches some criteria (boolean, regex, length). It'd be neat if "Filters" (searches) like this could be set up and saved in similar fashion to how Support Requests filters work.

We get by currently by querying the database and exporting to Mailchimp via CSV.   It works, but it would be so much better (and less costly) to keep it all in-house, we don't really rely on click tracking.

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