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Unrestricted Bulk Mail

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Just now, ASI said:

Does it send to banned members as well?

This plugin only restricts members who agreed or not to receive. Send the emails is handled by the Core. But replying to your question, no it Bulk Mail isn't send to banned members:

	 * Retrieve the query to fetch members based on our filters
	 * @param	array|int	$option		A constant to fetch counts only or an array with the limit to apply to the query
	 * @return	\IPS\Db\Select
	public function getQuery( $option=NULL )
		/* Compile where */
		$where = array();
		$where[] = array( "core_members.allow_admin_mails=1" );
		$where[] = array( "core_members.temp_ban=0" );


temp_ban = 0 is not banned.

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Thank you so much for being a client!

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