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How to export default English language to xml


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Is it possible to translate from the default English language by downloading the xml file?

On the docs page this is not an option and when I do download, it is an empty xml file except for the info.

I have bought a ready made translated language which I imported successfully but alas I need to do it all over as it was a literal translation making no sense in most areas.

The other problem is that only system and forum was translated and I have no way of adding translation for the other applications I have such as Pages.

Any hints will be appreciated.

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21 hours ago, yameth said:

Thanks for the reply.

Through xml it is just much easier to work with immediate search, replace and compare versions, that's all.

If you are technically inclined, you could try to do this directly in core_sys_lang_words through phpmyadmin, which may afford you similar capabilities. That said, typically translating the strings into another language requires knowledge of the context the string is used in, so more often than not the visual language editor is your best option at least to get started. This tool can be launched from the AdminCP Translations page.

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