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Commerce - Display upgrade options in store


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I think it would be beneficial to show Upgrade options on the storefront, instead of expecting customers to locate upgrade options within the "Manage Purchases" module.

e.g. Imagine all the packages in this group are somehow related, and are upgrade-able.

This customer owns 1x of Package A and 2x of Package B already.


This way its easier to see that a package can be upgraded.  Currently it is hidden away in the Manage Purchases section, so we are using Discounts instead. 

The issue with offering discounts for purchases that should be upgrades, is that when you base a discount off a previous purchase, it applies to all future purchases.

e.g. If I bought 1x Package A,  I'd get the discounted price on as many of Package B as I want.


The above image of course may not be ideal for all use cases, but I just wanted to convey an idea of how upgrade pricing could be represented.

Maybe it could work similar to product options, where the price changes to "From <lowest configurable price>"  or in this case, "From <lowest cost upgrade path>", and the Add to cart button changes to "View purchase options", where upgrades are offered first.


Just want to submit this for consideration, since I'd really like to start using Upgrades instead of Discounts.  :)



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To expand on this, packages which are being upgraded TO sometimes may have more custom fields available than the package they are being upgraded FROM.   

Currently the "Upgrade" process does not give you the option to fill out any fields which may be exclusive to the higher tier product.

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