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Prevent one user from editing their own content


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I have a user who is part of a group with over 30 accounts.  I want to allow all users to edit their content EXCEPT one user.  I couldn't find a setting to prohibit one user account from editing their own posts.  Is there a way to prohibit one specific user from editing their posts?

If not, my assumption is this can only be done as a group setting and I could create a new group with that restriction and assign the user to that group.  I didn't want to do this as other users may realize that one account is separate.  Is it possible to create another group with this restriction and assign it as a secondary group?  I wasn't sure if the primary group setting to edit would override a secondary group setting to prohibit that.

If nothing is feasible from above, I thought about turning on full edit log capability.  The question I have there is - who can view that edit log information?  Is it shown on each post that is edited, or by an admin only?


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In order to perform this, you would need to move the user to a new primary group. Simply adding this as a secondary group will not prevent them from editing due to the permission hierarchy.

12 minutes ago, JeffreyNichols said:

The question I have there is - who can view that edit log information?

This is defined in ACP -> System -> Posting:


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