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Custom Field to profile

Michael Beddows

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Hi everyone,

Glad to be a part of this community. Have been using IPS for a week now and love it. But now I have a question:

I have created a new Custom Field (for Customers) and linked it to the Profile Completion process (for the customer to choose). Outstanding. Now - how do I include the values of the chosen Custom Field in the customer's profile, such that it appears under their name when they post? Alternatively, can Custom Field values be used for Rank?

Any and all help appreciated,




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Also found :-) 

You can also customize these with icons and/or links (by example for social networks like this :


simply enter something like that in the field's settings 

<a href='{content}' target='_blank'><img src='mywebsite.url/social/fb.png' title='My Facebook'></a>



... as you can see, icons are not side by side but superposed
Is there a simple way to show them side by side ?

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