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MediaWiki, OAuth2 and JSON path.


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Hi I am using the Cloud service for the IPB but the issue is that I don't know where I can find the user json file and where I can find the url for the user json path. 

I am trying to allow IPB login to sync with MediaWiki

The MediaWiki and OAuth2 Extension is asking me for the following part but obviously I think I am doing something wrong.


The bolded below is what needs to be fixed.

If anyone is willing to help out, please let me know.


$wgOAuth2Client['client']['id']     = '------'; // The client ID assigned to you by the provider
$wgOAuth2Client['client']['secret'] = '-------'; // The client secret assigned to you by the provider

$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['authorize_endpoint']     = '------'; // Authorization URL
$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['access_token_endpoint']  = '--------'; // Token URL
$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['api_endpoint']           = ''; // URL to fetch user JSON
$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['redirect_uri']           = ''; // URL for OAuth2 server to redirect to

$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['username'] = 'username'; // JSON path to username
$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['email'] = 'email'; // JSON path to email



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This blog entry has a guide of setting up an OAuth server that you may find interesting. (about halfway down, Using Invision Community as an OAuth Server )

as noted in the blog entry, the /core/me endpoint is the endpoint that returns the user account information (refer to the Rest API documentation in your AdminCP for the correct URL and the returned parameters).


The redirect_uri is something unique to your client, so we can't tell you what that should be.


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