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gallery user experience

Jennifer Harnetty

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We are running Invision Community Version 4.3.6 and users have complained about the usability of the gallery. One complaint was that, on this page: http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/ it is not super intuitive that clicking on the image at the top that says "Members Gallery" takes you to an archive page of all members albums. Is there a way to make this more clear to users? Could there be a heading added that says "Browse Member Albums"?

They have also requested that there be a way on that page to sort albums by member name. Are there any plans in the future to add this capability to the sort?

I looks all over the admin CP but couldn't find any way to adjust settings to make it more intuitive. Please advise!




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The Members Gallery is a category, and will probably be more understandable if you have multiple categories.  

If you will only have one master category, then I would suggest you delete it and simply list all albums directly within Gallery.  This way your users won't have to click on that category cover to see the albums.  

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