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App/Plugin Required For League Competition

Samantha Jux-Holderness

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We have a members league on our forum with 20 participants, each person represents a team, each week we have 5 premier league soccer matches and each person must predict the outcome of each match as either a Win/Lose/Draw. 

At present we have a thread where each person copies and pastes the list and then adds there prediction and its making for a very messy thread especially for the OP to keep track of

What I would like is an addon/plugin that basically shows the 5 matches each week and gives each of the members a Win/Lose/Draw option for each of them, it would also be great if it showed who had made selections and who hadn't

Im hoping there is a developer out there who can make this and of course Id be happy to pay

Thanks for reading!


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What you want is something more like a pickem app than what bowers is talking about.

In my Betting app for 3.x, I had a feature for making such picks. It wasn't separated into weeks, exactly, though. What you had to do was add the contest and then just keep adding all of the matches to it whenever you wanted, people would predict the winner for them, the member with the most points would then be declared the winner.

So I mean you could have named each matchup something like week 1 match 1, week 2 match 1, etc... and put whatever deadlines on them, but it would list them all in one place, not separated out into weeks.

I am debating whether to finish my tournaments app first or upgrade my betting one first. It's hard to judge where the demand is. When I do the betting one I could add improvements to the pickem feature, though.

I have thought about releasing both apps with basic features to get them out there quicker, and then add in more features. Still deciding. I could get it released before the year ends, depending on how far I want to go with features in it.

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