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Two Members With Same Name

Bill Edwards

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Are they actually the same though ? You can use other characters to 'cheat' , look at this:



Those are not the same, the first letter is actually different. Use your browsers 'find' to find my name in this page, you will not get it to pick up the second one.

Can you copy/paste the names you allow them to use ? I'm assuming its display not user name yes ?

Another clue here view their profiles on the front end, look at the URL's for each, are they different in that they have odd characters perhaps in them ?

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I deleted the new one having refunded his subscription so I a no longer able compare the two.

The email I got informing me of the second member showed:

Display Name: G* S*
Email Address: G***@gmail.com
IP Address:


Your Interest:




I've never seen that last line before which makes me think the names WERE identical.

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It should not be possible to create two accounts with the exact same name, though it is relatively trivial to use special unicode characters to create accounts that appear to have the same name (when the string sequence in the database is not, in fact, identical).

If you can reproduce any issues please feel free to submit a ticket and we'll be happy to take a look.

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