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Downloads: "nothing here yet" isn't necessarily true


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It seems that @MMXII has the same thoughts that I do:

If this were the Forums app or a Pages database, there wouldn't be any problem with a parent category being used as a container. If we do this in Downloads, we end up with an undesirable outcome:


In my scenario, I won't be uploading to the parent category. I don't want an invitation to submit the first file and I don't want other people to be informed that I haven't yet submitted a file into the parent category:


I've thought about using CSS to hide .cDownloadsCategoryTable but as best I can tell, there's no way to target a specific category so it would be an all or nothing approach:


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It is good that you point out this issue. Yes, I seriously hope that categories in Downloads get an overhaul and that we do not have to wait for IPS 5 to see some improvement here. Just for the record, for me the most important things are:

  • Parent categories should list all content of their child categories instead of showing a "No files there yet" box.
  • There should be a way to select more than one category to list a file in.
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