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Reaction icons do not display properly in Blogs?


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I have this weird issue that in the Blogs app, whenever any reaction is given to an article, the icon will not display correctly. Is anybody else having this issue? Or does anybody know how to fix this?

Let's start with how it should look like:


Everything is okay here. The icon is being displayed correctly. You can click on it to open a popup with information about who reacted in which way (if permissions allow it) etc.

Now this is the issue that I have in the Blogs app:


You can already tell by the look of the icon (grey borders, resized icon) that something isn't right here. And in fact the reaction icon is inserted like a regularly linked image. When you click on the icon, it does not open the popup with information about who reacted in which way. Instead it shows the image lightbox (the one you get if you click on attachments within forum posts).

How can I fix this?

Reuploading the same or a different icon does not help.
Running the help tools in the ACP does not help.
Clearing browser cache does not help.
Deactivating and reactivating reactions does not help.

This is a clean localhost 4.3.6 installation with no customizations to reaction icons. It also only happens in the Blogs app and -- and here is another weird thing -- only if you are viewing the blog article as a guest. The moment you log in, the icon displays correctly. Unfortunately there is nothing in the guests group permissions that seems to be connected with this issue.

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It's lightbox feature

The tag <a>is added via javascript

Submit a ticket

Temp solution

Open blog - front - view - entry template

Find and remove 




change to 

<div data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages'>{$entry->content()|raw}</div>


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