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Moderator/s for a particular forum area


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With the default group for moderator I'm able to set which forums they can moderate - but when I try adding a second moderating group, or try adding an individual member as a moderator I don't get this option in the ACP>Staff>Moderators - change to restricted - option.

Is this something that can be changed somewhere so that I can set other groups or members to moderate only particular areas?

Thanks very much for any help given

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6 hours ago, bfarber said:

When you add a new moderator, uncheck the options under the generic "Content" tab which should expose each individual area for configuration. You then click the "Forums" tab, give the moderator the permissions they should have and (optionally) restrict which forums they can moderate in.


  • Maybe name the current "Content" tab -> "All Contents" or "Expose individual areas"
  • Move your ^^ description to the tab top for quick explanation as it's too important to miss this information

I've really been searching for this advice too. Some members probably never switch/uncheck the "Content" tab settings, or they forget about them. Features that "expose areas" should be somehow highlighted or be placed for prioritized display (on a higher level). Only my thoughts and a suggestion… 😉 

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