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IP Downloads Failover Service


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Maybe I am the only one who wants this, but I recently moved all my IP Downloads to a separate server. This way no matter how hard that server gets hit, the forums will not suffer. The only issue is now when that server is down, no one can download :laugh:

So what I would like to do is bring up a secondary server that would be continuously mirror syncing the first server, and it would be nice if IP Downloads could fail itself over to the second server when the first is unreachable.

I know someone will probably point out that I can do this with some premium DNS voodo, but I am trying to save money 😛


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55 minutes ago, Phillyman said:

Was more or less thinking of a backup data store location, where if IP Downloads could not reach the first datastore, it knew to look to the second one.

Ah.  Is was looking at it from the application perspective not the data store perspective. 

I don’t see this being a high priority request as it’s almost always handled, especially by enterprise clients, at the server level not the software level. 

What you’re looking for is a high availabilty cluster. There are loads of ways to do it... You’d be the best judge of what’s friendly to your budget and delivers what you require.

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