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Promotion Thoughts.

Brian Klein

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First off, I want to say I 'LOVE' the promotion idea! The fact that I can now interact with the other social media platforms other than my site, WITHOUT leaving my site is just amazing and phenomenal. If I could I would just kiss the SOB who developed this idea! I do mean this with every fiber in my being.

With this said I see something, now this something might be of insignificants to others (but to me, in my opinion, it is something of an important thought) -cough @Joel R cough- (yeah, I'm on to you bro, I'm teasing) but seriously.

When I use bulk mail, I like the idea of it sending 'recommended for you …' and showing some promotion items, I love it to death.

But in system messages such as 'moderation report, 'Billy is swearing' etc.. it seems a bit overkill. and redundant to send these promotion items with system generated messages, while a bulk mail is more 'news letter' and where it should be.

currently the only way to fix this is to (don't get me wrong, this does work, but it is a pain in the behind.)

Go to ACP

  1. Turn 'depicted' item below on.
  2. send bulk mail (news letters, etc.)
  3. Turn 'depicted' item below off.


allowing system can generate emails of value or importance tend looking professional (and not with a promoted item 'ten great cooking ideas' when serious messages need to be sent.

is there a way to allow system generated messages such as 'moderation reports, new user registration' to be generated without the promotion 


to allow us an option of 'when' promoted items should appear.

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