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Hidden topics aren't red anymore

Gabriel Torres

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2 minutes ago, Millipede said:

My hidden topics still show pink, with an icon, and the posts inside the topic show pink too.

Default theme?

I'm on 4.3.6, 3rd-party apps and plugins disabled and shows like that:


Only the FA "eye-slash" shows up. Posts are not in the "moderated" class background. The whole topic is hidden. It works on forum view:


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  • Management

In many cases, you may temporarily hide a topic while moderating individual posts within the topic. Having the entire page 'pink' -- normal posts and already hidden posts -- is very confusing. Further, the new(er) "deleted content" feature also utilizes topic view so you can view the content in context. If the topic is hidden and an admin/moderator is reviewing why content was deleted, this would again be confusing if the entire page is pink. 

I've moved this topic to the feedback forum and you are welcome to provide suggestions (short of making the whole page pink) if you don't feel the eye slash icon is sufficient.

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Fro me this is not sufficient, because if I jump by link not to the first message but to the first unread, I have no clue that the topic is hidden or not. I agree that it is ggod to have the hidden posts different color, but the whole topic background shoudl also be not white (defaut).

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