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Filter the calendar by events - Is that possible?

Club Dark

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26 minutes ago, Club Dark said:

I have a venue called 1000fryd... what should be the URL for that one?

We can’t know the ID that venue has. You need to look it up in the ACP

As in other parts of the suite, the ID is enough to access the entry. The friendly URL part can be anything. 
So opening calendar/venue/1-something will open the entry 1. And calendar/venue/2-something will open entry 2 and so on. You will see the full and correct URL after the page has loaded. 

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That would be awesome.

It could be cool if you in front-end could choose which venues you wanted to see.

Fx I have a koncert calendar.. and people might dont want to see venues +100kms away

So it would be awesome if u could like have some boxes where you click .. "These are the venues I want to see"

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@Club Dark, that's how I did it:

1 - button on header:


2 - When you click, you get a list of the Venues:


3 - Result page is default from Calendar, so you can browse the months:



File updated on marketplace:


But I suspect it isn't what you want. I've made what it's in the first post then in the last you mentioned distance.

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