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Commerce - Support Request Tags


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Here's an idea for Support Requests. 

Similar to how Pages allows you to insert tags into a page like {block=""}, {pageurl=""}, and Emails have {$email} plus other app-specific tags, I think it'd be great if Commerce adopted a similar system for Support Requests for pulling in basic customer information.


Stock Action:



Hello {$cm_first_name},


Thank you,


This would add a bit of personalization to stock actions, while keeping workflow at the same pace as not including any personalization.

If the member doesn't have customer information, simply display nothing.


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Actually, I just realized this functionality exists within nexus --> support --> requests --> preferences!



Customer's First Name

Customer's First Name

Customer's Full Name

Department Name

Department Email Address

Now all we need is for those tags to be available via Stock Actions, or perhaps even when composing any reply to a support request.

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