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Remove or hide hide button in quick response.


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So far I have managed to customize the forum to my liking, but I can not hide or delete this button.

I do not want to deactivate it from the panel. Because I want them to be able to hide their content, but it does not make sense to respond with that button marked as active.

Thanks for your time
A greeting.

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That button is only there for people who can see hidden content and want to reply with a hidden response.  Only staff can see hidden content since it goes by who has permission to access the moderator control panel.

This is useful for staff that want to leave hidden notes in a topic, for example.  (This is how my staff utilizes that button.)  Those without the permissions to see hidden content in the ModCP will not see that button when they go to reply.

If you still want it gone even for you/your staff members, it can be done with a quick line of css:

#check_hide_wrapper, label[for="check_hide"] {


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1 hour ago, Alismora said:

Ese botón solo está disponible para personas que pueden ver contenido oculto y desean responder con una respuesta oculta. Solo el personal puede ver contenido oculto, ya que pasa quién tiene permiso para acceder al panel de control del moderador.

Esto es útil para el personal que quiere dejar notas ocultas en un tema, por ejemplo. (Así es como mi personal utiliza ese botón). Quienes no tengan los permisos para ver el contenido oculto en el ModCP no verán ese botón cuando vayan a responder.

Si aún desea que se haya ido incluso para usted / los miembros de su personal, se puede hacer con una línea rápida de CSS:



Thank you very much, it has been of great help

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