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Update ignore lists after ACP settings change

Thomas P

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Hi folks,

we changed the "Can be ignored" settings via ACP group and moderator restrictions for a specific group.

This group, i.e. the members in this group, cannot be ignored anymore hereafter - great feature.

But how can the ignore settings in place be updated to reflect the change?
I mean: If User A has set User B of above mentioned group on his ignore list in the past, this setting is still active...



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to clarify my question:

  • all members were able to ignore members of "Group A".
  • we changed the ACP setting "Can be ignored" of "Group A" to "No"
  • result: members of "Group A" cannot be ignored anymore, but past ignored members of "Group A" are still being ignored

My question is: How can I update the new setting to reflect my change?

Thank you,

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