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We've recently converted from IPB 3.4.9 to 4.x.x, so I'm posting things I find that were in the old version and I feel should be in the new version, but aren't.

The item for today has to do with Suppot Departments.

With 3.4.9, when editing a department, you could specify a "notify address" (dpt_notify in the database).   Any requests created in the department would notify this address, even if it wasn't registered to an account on the site, or even if it was outside of your domain.

We actually used and relied on this feature, and while we've created a workaround using email filters at the server level, it would be great to have it back in 4.x.x, unless there is a technical reason for not adding it.  By all means I'd rather not stifle any plans for doing things better or more efficiently.  Just viewing this from a simple "we had it before, now its gone" viewpoint.


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The idea was mostly to notify particular staff members and it was replaced by staff being able to set up themselves more advanced notifications - including new tickets, replies to tickets, or when a ticket is assigned to them.

You could still achieve the same thing by creating a "dummy" account with the email address you desire.

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