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How to assign different DB for IP Pages?


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52 minutes ago, bfarber said:

You can do this with customizations by passing different details to the database handler library easily.


Can you please elaborate on this, how to do that as a novice user or do I need a programmer to edit this request?

Secondly, if this multi DB system will slow down anything although DB will be on the same physical server.

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Using a secondary database connection in and of itself won't slow anything down - that largely depends upon your server configuration and specifications.

You will need a programmer to do this.

$database = \IPS\Db::i( 'mycustomdatabase', array(
	'sql_host'		=> ...,
	'sql_user'		=> ...,
	'sql_pass'		=> ...,
	'sql_database'	=> ...,
	'sql_port'		=> ...,
	'sql_socket'	=> ...,
	'sql_tbl_prefix'=> ...,
	'sql_utf8mb4'	=> isset( \IPS\Settings::i()->sql_utf8mb4 ) ? \IPS\Settings::i()->sql_utf8mb4 : FALSE
) );

foreach( $database->select( '*', 'mytable' ) as $row )


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