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temperature conversion feature

Jennifer Harnetty

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I run an Invision community forum for the ceramic art community and our members are often talking about ceramic firing temperatures. Since it is a worldwide community, some use celsius and some use fahrenheit. A member asked if there were any tools in the software that would convert from one temp to another? If not, is there any chance this could be developed in the future?

I figure there are probably lots of communities that discuss temperature, so maybe there was a chance?

Let me know!



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That's a pretty specific request, so I'm sure it's not covered in the core software.  One recommendation I have is to visit some websites that do temperature conversion and see if they have snippets of code you can plug in to your own website which would allow people to perform quick conversions in a custom widget or something along those lines.  It's not optimal (i.e. native to the Invision core) but would still get the job done.

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