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It's possible to allow guests to post after verification. What I'd like to do is allow registration only for people who pass a Q&A challenge. I have two scenarios:

1) One of my sites is a support base for people who have bought my book. I don't charge but I only want to offer help to those particular people. I'd like to have a range of questions, one of which will be presented to people trying to register, along the lines of "What is the fourth item in the vocabulary list in unit 10?" If they get the answer correct, they can register.

2) I'm inviting several members of my family to a renaissance banquet for my 40th. I live away from them all so am going to put a site together giving relevant details. There's nothing here that's particularly sensitive or private, I just don't want the whole world to be able to see details about my birthday. So I'd like to use the permissions system so that only registered members can see content, and only people who answer the question "What is the birthday boy's name?" can successfully become site members.

I'm willing to pay for a mod but I thought it might be nice core functionality too so thought I'd raise the suggestion 🙂 

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Create a user group called, say, Family; let these people register as normal and then move them into the family group.  If you create a forum called family or birthday you can set permissions to only allow the family group see what's going on; you can also make the forum invisible to other member groups.  This would be the simplest way, but will involve some manual work from you to move them into that group; basically a few clicks.



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