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Unable to get Account Recovery Email


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Good morning friendos,

Our website recently (about a week ago) updated with a strange account authorization check and as a result, has caused many users to not be able to login anymore. This personally happen to my Admin account when it asked for a birthday security question and I incorrectly answered it. As a result, I'm logged in but can no longer access the Admin CP and neither can the rest of my staff.

The main concern is that when you choose the option to send am account recovery email, nothing is sent. This has happened to both staff and regular members. We checked to make sure the email address weren't dropping the email in a spam/junk folder but nothing seems to be working.

This is the error code that's received by people not logged in:


Anyone have the same problem or could lead me to what the issue might be? We are on the most current forum version.

Thanks! 🙂

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