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Group Promotion Rules Based On Downloads App


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Unless I'm missing it, but it would be great to be able to add a group promotion rule based on how many downloads a member contributes within the downloads app. Let's say you have a member who contributes 10 files, maybe you want to then promote them to a premium group or a publisher group automatically with more group features. 

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There are so many requests around concerning the "group promotion system"

it's missing

  • deeper specified items (f.e. only download files)
  • scheduled event triggers (f.e. a trigger - for all members that match the criteria - on a single or recurring date)
  • inactivity triggers (that will also cover inactive members)
  • and more

Currently, we can achieve some of these requirements with the "automation rules" app, but it would be very beneficial if the "group promotion rules" could do this as a native IPS function out of the box.

Related to the example above, I'd also like to promote download contributors, but if they will become inactive, I'd like to demote them again automatically.

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