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Can anyone using Mac and safari test something for me please

Steve Bullman

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Hi, I have an issue when using safari on Mac.  Every time I open my site I get a pop up that won't disappear regardless of what option I choose.  I'm not sure if theres an issue in my browser or the website itself.  Updates to Safari don't fix it.  Keen to know if this is just restricted to me or if other users are having the same issue.  As well as not allowing you into the site it also freeezes up safari leaving no other option but force quitting.

Screen shot attached.

URL is https://arbtalk.co.uk.  Its only when you log in that the issue

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 09.08.09.png

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You should rather ask in an Apple forum, since that has nothing to do with the specific website. 

Safari wants to fill in your login data from your personal keychain and for security reason needs another confirmation. 

I am not seeing these problems on your site when logging in or out. 

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The popup is Safari asking the Mac OS to access information stored in the keychain. If Safari is freezing when that happens it could be caused by a variety of issues, for example, your keychain might be corrupted, there could be a plugin or something else in Safari interfering or some program you have installed on your Mac that is interfering.

You may be able to download and use the Safari Technology Preview version (think of it like a beta version of Safari containing new upcoming features, but it may also have other bugs). You can safely have both versions installed and running at the same time.

If you download and use it and are unable to reproduce the problem, perhaps the issue is with a plugin in your main version of Safari. If not, there could be a keychain or OS-level issue.

I don't want to turn this into a Mac support forum, so if you have issues that this doesn't solve, you can PM me directly with the details and perhaps I can assist.

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