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Commerce: Warning Text if over a Weight Limit?


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With our shop it's very expensive to post items over 2Kgs in weight so we don't allow it. Currently there is no way in Commerce to put a warning on a shopping cart saying that the "weight limit" has been exceeded

From my point of view, the solution could be as simple as allowing an associated text box in the shipping rates form next to a shipping value entry, that would be displayed in the customer's shopping cart area. Again not the most elegant solution, but perhaps easier to implement in the shorter term. (ideally it would auto-split into two or more packages anyway)

The issue from my point of view is:

Weight of order: 2Kg = £10

Weight of order: 2.1 Kg = £60

So - it's better to split into 2 parcels that would then cost at maximum £20 rather than a minimum of £60...

Thoughts welcome.

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Commerce would:

Recognise that a shopping cart order is over a set critical limit and split the shipment into two (or more) separate shipments, informing the customer inside the shopping cart that this has been done as their order is above a weight limit.

This then accounts for costs of the extra packaging necessary as well as factored-in Tare calculations programmed into the shipping costs table (since Commerce does not offer a Tare facility itself).

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Customers don’t care about the number of packages you send. Certainly not while ordering. The correct pricing should already be possible with tiered shipping costs (“Weight of items to be shipped”).
0–2 kg : £10
2.01–4 kg: £20
4.01–6 kg: £30
and so on. Or what am I missing?

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You're missing something.

The GIANT LEAP in shipping costs between 2.00KG and 2.01KG+

So, again taking the example illustration from my first post:

Weight of order: 2.00Kg = £10

Weight of order: 2.01+ Kg = £60

Splitting the order into 2 shipments, (both then below 2KG), means £60 => £20

That is the issue.

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38 minutes ago, PoC2 said:

You're missing something. The GIANT LEAP in shipping costs between 2.00KG and 2.01KG+

No I did not miss that. I specifically answered that. 

I said you don’t need to build in a function for splitting shipments – you just need to do it yourself and have the correct shipment costs being calculated during checkout. And I showed how this can be done. If the shipment weight goes above 2 kg, you set a new tier which doubles the price so you can have two shipments for 10 £ each. That’s what you want to do and you can set this up in Commerce as far as I can see. 

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Ahhh, I get what you mean now.

The oustanding issue then is sending two parcels when customers are expecting just the one, but that’s another matter.

But yeah, sod everything I said above. Cheers.


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