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Worst setup support issues


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I am not sure what the situation here is but I feel VERY lost in setting this forum up for the first time.

My biggest issue right now is I know where to go to access my forum, but then how do i login / manage it?

There is no backend portal or even trying to login with my Existing (this) Invision C account it says my user name and password is wrong!

So then I say ok forgot password and it NEVER sends me an email, so is there even any Email ID validation happening to see if that email is even a registered user?

I submitted a support request on Sunday and its now Wednesday and no one has responded...

What do i do now? how to do i login?

my CNAME has not been created as I only just found the email from IC saying they cannot update it on their end because my DNS Manager hasnt completed their part. So I assume this will be completed by tomorrow, but does this mean thats the reason why I cant login because this stage hasnt been done?

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I'm very sorry to see that you are having trouble setting up your new community.

First, a few things:

  1. What is your ticket number (the one you sent on Sunday) so I can follow up to determine why you haven't received a reply yet?
  2. Did you purchase a self-hosted license, or a Community In The Cloud offering?


If it was the latter, you should have received an email with the temporary hostname and login details once it was set up (which happens within a few minutes automatically). This would allow you to log in and begin setting up your new community even while waiting for your permanent domain name to be correctly pointed at your new site. It sounds like you never received this email, so I would encourage you to double check your spam folders or similar to be sure it just wasn't overlooked.

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It looks like the email address you entered on signing up is invalid (mx records at that domain are missing so it cannot receive email), so you are not receiving our replies, as Daniel noted please use the client area to both, view your support tickets awaiting your reply, and also update your email if needed.

Thank you 

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