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Club Members for Rest API / OAuth


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so I have run into an issue overall, maybe I have a wrong idea in mind but, just want to confirm that I'm not missing anything.
Generally my result is this:

  • I have a club that is closed, one club member is able to invite further members
  • The club members have a privileg in another application with another database
  • I use OAuth to authorize the user and gain the member id and some other data like groups
  • I save the whole data, where the other application has access on to gain the user information and prefereable if they are in the club

Now my issue is, I want to have also the information if a player is in the club.
So here are my questions:

  1. Am I correct that there is no REST API for the Clubs? I want to assure that I did not miss that out, but I think the REST Reference is autogenerated from the backend.
  2. Am I correct that moving the "closed section" to member groups and permissions requires, the group that could promote others, having access to the admin cp?
  3. Did I miss any other option to achieve this?


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3 hours ago, bfarber said:
  1. This is correct....for the current release at least. :ph34r:
  2. In order for a user to move other users into a new group, that user must have access to the manage members area of the AdminCP (without some sort of custom plugin at least).
  3. You could check the marketplace perhaps.

Thanks, this is exactly what i thought sadly.


2 hours ago, Joel R said:

There's a Clubs Rest API by @Fosters

Thanks, I've checked it, it appears that the information is in my case not that handy to get.
It would be stupid fetching the whole club members in case I want to check whether a player is in the club or not.

I guess I will try to modify the rest API for a user.
Is there any documentation / recommendation to extend existing routes of the rest api, without touching core files? I've wondered that already a while back, but I could not find anything about it.


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