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Prevent guests from viewing profile pages


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So, I just completed a successful migration from vB4 to IPB and I'm dealing with member expectations. Most love the new environment but a few have voiced concern about the fact that guests can view member profile pages. On our previous platform, that didn't happen. I can't see any setting in the ACP to control group access to member profile pages. Is this even a thing in Invision Community? If this level of control is not available out-of-the -box, I'd like to suggest that it is included as a standard feature in a future version.

Having checked Marketplace, I see there is a Profile Privacy plugin that will do what my users are asking for but really, this ought to be a core function.

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12 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

You can disallow the guest access for all your member profiles via the module permissions

Brilliant! Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for, I hadn't noticed that permissions could be given to each application module. I am liking Invision Community ?


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