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reactions randomly no longer working?


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Our website has been silent the past few months as our group has put projects on hold.  We recently started a new project and a member of the website told me they were unable to react to posts.  So I figured it was just my software being outdated.  Updated it and checked through all the settings I could find on reactions and still not able to fix it.


anytime a reaction is given the response "Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content." 


any quick suggestions?  I searched the forum, but did not seem to find any luck.

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1. Is the user reacting to his own content, by any chance? There's a setting to prohibit users from adding reactions to their own content.

2. If you see this happening on all content items you have a bigger problem

In general, for self-diagnosis:

1. Run the support tool to clear cache and see if any database errors 

2. Check system and error logs (type in "system logs" into the ACP search bar).  

3. Panic and send in a support ticket.  

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