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Mobile view sometimes stops responding


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Anyone else notice little issues with mobile view locking up?

For example click the menu and it won’t pop open. Or click the reply box but the text composer won’t start. 

this happens a lot to me on iPhone. 

I have to close all open tabs, close out safari, then start over and it works again. (Even if I only have 2 or 3 open tabs to begin with)

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22 hours ago, opentype said:

Sounds like the JavaScript is failing. I doubt this is a general issue. Could be all sorts of things. Something related to your caching or delivery (Cloudflare and so on) … JavaScript conflicts with third-party modules …

it's weird, I close all tabs and reopen safari and then it works again. 

I need to point out that's it's not just happening on my site it's happening HERE on this site ALSO



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Here you can see me trying desperately to click on things and it only works after refreshing the page. Weird and very annoying 

Also this stupid error happened and I had to refresh twice to fix.  (error being can't upload when file clearly doesn't exceed limit)

This is buggy, my users are complaining. Frankly I’m shocked nobody here seems to notice. 


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The fact that the 'notify me of replies' toggle is showing as a checkbox does indicate that, for some reason, the page isn't loading the javascript. I don't really have any suggestions on why this might happen on a mobile phone though unfortunately. 

I notice you're on LTE. Have you tried connecting to wifi and trying it? I wonder if your phone network is doing something with the JS that's causing it to break.

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