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Updating large project from 3.2.3 to 4.3.5


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I try to update large project on our test server. There 36 hours since I have started. I have to execute plenty of manual actions again and again like this one:


Some of them require some seconds, another run for 5 to 20 minutes. Is it really a way how upgrade works on the large databases? I cannot stay awake for 48 hours while upgrading live server to just start manual actions. Is there any way to make it in reasonable amount of time?


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Some suggestions, in no particular order.  

1.  Drink lots of coffee.  Mix in some whiskey too.  

2.  Copy all of the queries so you can run them in advance of your live database.  

3.  Submit a copy of your database to IPS so they can review.  

4.  Ask IPS to do courtesy upgrade.  

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If your server is powerful enough to handle it, you can add a constants.php file (or edit your existing one) to add

define( 'UPGRADE_MANUAL_THRESHOLD', 500000 );

the default is 250K (meaning, if the table has more than 250k rows you will be prompted to manually run the query)

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