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Additional code language for syntax highlighting


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Syntax highlighting in IPS has really improved since I last looked at it a few years ago. However, the language I need is not included by default. I need syntax highlighting for LISP and I can see that this is supported in highlight.js, which I believe the Code Snippet plugin uses by default. So my question is, how do I include LISP on the list of available options in my editor?

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OK, so this is what I know so far, the CodeMirror files are installed with IPS and live at:

Install_folder > applications > core > interface > codemirror

CodeMirror supports the language I need (lisp) but this is not installed by default.

So far, that's about it. If someone could at least confirm that it is CodeMirror that's being used for syntax highlighting I'd be most grateful and if anyone can just give me a hint as to how to proceed, I also be grateful.

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