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Known conflicts between third-party Invision products


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This thread is meant for Invision users to point out and discuss known conflicts between third-party applications, plugins, and themes.  I humbly request that this thread be pinned, as I think it provides a perpetual service to Invision clients.  If I'm somehow being bad by posting this thread, please accept my apologies.

This thread is not intended to single out developers for criticism; nor is it meant to privilege one app or product over another.  It is strictly for Marketplace buyers to have a little more information re: potential conflicts before purchasing non-refundable products.

The conflicts listed here are based on individually reported cases and are not verified by Invision.  Information on these conflicts is current as of date posted, but may change as developers refine and update their products.  Please post any changes here, as well as workarounds which have been known to solve the problem(s).

If you're a developer and feel your product is listed here when it shouldn't be, feel free to say so. ?

You are encouraged to contact the developers with any questions about specific conflicts - some are more than happy to look in to making these conflicts go away. ?


I'll go first:

CodingJungle's Menu Groups Manager does not currently work on any of TAMAN's themes due to heavily-modified navbar and globalTemplate:


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Kevin Carwile's Album Link Field does not currently work with:

  • Kevin Carwile's Collabs app (you can't post articles)
  • opentype's SuperQuote (you cannot add quotes to the DB)


For the second issue, a workaround is possible: disabling Album Link Field, then adding quotes to the SuperQuotes DB, then re-enabling Album Link Field will allow you to use both.


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