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The most important component of my site to the users is the What's New (i.e. Activity Stream). Some want to only see what they have not read and some want to see both read and unread.

Now I set up 2 streams, one is Unread and one is All

The issue I have and is very confusing to the users is the ability for a user to set their Default Stream:


BUT, it doesn't actually set the user's Default Stream when they click the Activity Tab on the Menu...it seems it only changes the link that is displayed on the right side of the Breadcrumb line. This is very confusing to the users as they think that when they set their default, it is what they will see when they click the menu.

Coming from Xenforo, this is how it works in Xenforo, the users can save a What's New filter as their default and when they click the What's New menu tab they see what they selected as their default.

Am I doing something wrong with IPS? Is this just the way that IPS is? Is there any way to fix this?


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