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Forum specific rules are bypassed by the 'Create' button


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We have begun using the rules feature for the forum display, setting out the rules of individual rules for each forum just below the header. It's a great feature because it's very visible and it's hard to miss, particularly if you use bold colours to draw the attention of users to it. There's a flaw though, resulting from the introduction of the 'Create' button. The button is in the header and is available site-wide. Because of this, users can create a thread in a forum having never navigated to the forum and, therefore, having never read the specific rules of that forum.


  1. The rules:
  2. Creating a topic
  3. Selecting the forum (the one from screenshot #1, which clearly has rules specified)
  4. Create post content and submit (no rules are visible)
  5. Submitted (no rules have been read)

I'd like to see this addressed and see three ways of doing this:

  1. The rules are displayed to the user upon selecting the forum, which they must acknowledge to continue posting (a hassle to users. but guaranteed to have been read)
  2. The rules are pulled from the forum and displayed on the topic creation form (less of a hassle, could cause scrolling if the rules are lengthy, but that's within the admin's control)
  3. Admins are able to place a block on that form, to display the rules (achieves the same as #2, but is then down to the admin to decide to do it)

Thanks ?

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3 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

No error there. Forum rules are displayed on forum view. Create menu will go straight to the post screen. 

I know it's not an error, but it is a flaw. That's why I provided feedback, it's a flaw in the workflow which means critical information is omitted.

I saw the file linked but what I don't want is onerous tick boxes that rely on cookies. My member base aren't particularly tech savvy and I can see this becoming an annoyance.

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