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Blog categories...again


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25 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

Yes, please. Without categories, it doesn't take many blogs for things to become unwieldy.

Exactly.  Quite honestly, while I love what's been done with Blogs so far, if they can't be organised into Categories they just list as some amorphous mass...:blink:

To use my own situation as an example, I have a series of public and user blogs but I'd also like a separate private Category with which to organise my Client (b)logs.

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13 hours ago, Joel R said:

Are you all asking for categories for blogs? Or categories within a blog?

Both, really. Although categories for blogs is more or a priority for my site's needs.


8 hours ago, AlexWright said:

For blogs, would be nice. We use ours as a Literature area. So having Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc. would be nice.

This is exactly the same way we use blogs. We really need a way to categorize and/or sort the main list by topic or genre. I'd also love to see custom fields for blogs, but that's for another topic.

Categories within blogs are also a great idea. Ideally, this would be controlled by permissions so we could disable it by user group.

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But please, IPS, make categories behave like filters and not like categories!

If I have a menu structure like this

- Food
-- Apples
-- Bananas

I want both Apples and Banana content to be displayed under the Food menu and not another "There is nothing here yet" block (like we have it in Downloads categories).

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