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Open club - add clear message that users need to join to pos


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I do want all my forum members to be able to post in some clubs without needing invites. Public won't work, because public clubs can't have moderators and I need those. Open club is perfect on paper - you can have mods, users can participate, they only need to join first. 

But while this is clear to the admins, this is hardly clear to the users. They will simply see topics they can't reply to, they will say nice things about me in their head (or maybe even out loud) and move on. As far as I can see there is nowhere a message "You need to be a member to post here, join right now" or something similar.  My suggestion is to put this message to the bottom of the Open clubs, something similar to this:



Also, another thing. I do have main calendar, on which I have added some Pages block to the top. The same block is visible if I add calendar to a club, which I don't want. In general, the separation club/main site is not really clear and intuitive. 


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