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Bug in uploading images second time in same album

Saurabh Jain

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I have around 10,000 images.... and there was never a problem,,,


Its occurring from last week or so,....

Say If I have 100 images to upload and i uploaded 1 to 52 ...

its fine... now when i upload remaining images it just upload all images but saved just 1...  the 53rd image....

third time I will upload from 53 to 100 it will again go smoothly....

Around ten times it has happened

image when i uploaded 52 to 100 it saved only the one image




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This forum is primarily intended for clients to leave feedback about changes they would like to see made in future releases, or other suggestions for improving our software.

As has been suggested, if you believe you've encountered a bug please log a ticket either through your AdminCP using the support tool, or by visiting your client area. Thanks!

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