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9 hours ago, Goza said:


Edit your field and go to Display options at the very bottom. 

Great that works. Kinda... I'd like it so that my members can't set the status and priority. Is that a possible permission to set that only certain groups can change those fields?

Also, am I supposed to see an area that I can change the fields? 086f15c1f151ddd2e5df8f0a5883d445.png

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I have 4 category's set up, for different tickets. I would like it so that when you create a ticket it bring up a template in the editor box, but each category would have a different template. Now ive made a field to do this, however the field "Content" is the only field that shows when the ticket is sent? I have tried to find it within the templates to change this, however I have no luck.

Its odd, as the custom field I have made shows up in the ticket editor, however once you send the ticket it doesn't show and only shows the default "content" field which isn't what I want to show.

Do you know a work around it?

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19 hours ago, Unlucky said:

Because we had just bought one of his expensive themes before he dropped support for it

Guess the theme you are talking about is chocolate, due to few people have been getting unofficial support from myself. Back on topic could be good reason why the developer left but we will never know.

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11 hours ago, Pete T said:

Guess talking about chocolate as only one I know and one been make unofficial update for, but no one know why just stopped could be personal but only item agree they should come made clear why and believe could made issue better.

I've read this 3 times and still have no idea what it says 😅

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