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What are do-follow links and how to set to certain links?


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By default, a link is dofollow unless specified otherwise with rel="nofollow"

If he is looking for 'dofollow' as the rel value then he's asking for something that, last time I checked, is not a valid rel value and is redundant anyway.

24 minutes ago, rhyker2u said:

Add this tag to your hyperlink: rel="dofollow"

Got a link that shows 'dofollow' as a valid rel value?


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If they say it doesn’t work, it probably means that your outgoing links use nofollow currently by default (which is okay). But you would have to whitelist the advertisers URL if he paid for a do-follow link. (which by the way is worth a lot more.) 

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I've just upgraded to v4 and all previous links I had in articles (formerly ip content, now pages) have been reset to no follow. This has not gone down well with the advertisers who paid for do follow links!

I switched off the 'no follow' option in AdminCP > System > Settings > Posting > "Links" tab but it hasn't made any difference to the existing links, which are still showing as no follow.

Is there a way for me to make all existing links do follow without having to edit every single article with a link in it?

I should also mention that there are still background rebuilds running from when I upgraded a few days ago, so I'm wondering if when the articles are reindexed perhaps this issue will be corrected? 

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