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Poll results for guests


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I've just noticed that guests can no longer see poll results, they now see

"You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results. Please sign in or register to vote in this poll."

I've not touched a setting and swear it didn't used to be like this, must have changed when those little ? icons were introduced. Is there anyway to allow guests to see the results or is this a thing now?


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Running 4.3.4, would have upgraded pretty much when it came out, only just realised though. Checked all permissions but I can't see anything that would change this.

Members > Groups > Guests > Edit - No poll settings at all unless I'm blind

Group Settings

Can access site
Can access whilst offline

Allow filtering
Can be ignored

Upload attachments 
Highlight replies

Star ratings

Can report
Bypass flood control
Bypass content moderation

Require approval
Bypass word filters


Can view display name history
Can view who reacted


Where as if you enter any other group, Admin, Moderator, Member etc. Under the content tab, they have options for can create polls, can vote in polls and can close polls

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Ok, under System > Posting > Polls

There is an option for:

Users can view the results before voting? (If disabled, users can still see the results but will forfeit their vote.)

I've always had this disabled, toggled it on, quick look and now guests can see the polls again.

But this means members can now check the result before voting, hmmm, this has changed recently right as I swear guests could see results before. Bit dumb I guess as members could sign out, see the result then log back in if they really wanted before voting, but still for my own mind I'm right, right?

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